03 June 2010

stormy weather

I heard a lady say
somethin bout stormy weather comin her way
once her someone left her

there were times when the storms mimicked my pain
tears uncried released from the sky:
raindrops heart heavy as the lightening striked
and I did he from my life

but that lady
seemed like she sang her sad song forever

I remember a day
sittin outside
on a bench in the rain
light'nin then thunder then light'nin again
thinking of leaving to find shelter and staying instead
so serene
we watched and enjoyed from our seat in the front row

there was a storm before that
I tensed my body as the thunder crashed into our private party pushing us together
fingertips firmly pressed to my back
he was my shelter then

I see where she was coming from
but I've lived a little, and a lot I've learned
thought about it and decided
stormy weather aint so bad after all

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