13 February 2010


Remove all the day's stresses from your shoulders and place them at my feet.
My day was fine, babe, but I wanna hear you speak.
I can see you need to vent, so baby talk to me
As I finish preparing your favorite meal so that we can eat.
Listening to you retell the day’s troubles in that voice so deep and sweet
I admire your refusal to ever accept defeat.
While we dine I inquire if there’s anything else you need,
And look forward to falling asleep resting on your heartbeat.

“And you?” you ask, “How’d your day go?”
I sigh and whisper, “You don’t even want to know.”
“Tell me anyway,” says my King, “you learned this long ago
“That I am here to bring you peace, so g’on babe -let it flow.”
“It all started this morning when I stubbed my baby toe
“Then continued downhill when I broke the garden hoe
“Went out to get the mail, it started to hail, traffic began to slow, and because of all the madness I missed my favorite show
“Then, while fixing dinner, I dropped the mixing bowl!”
You turn to me, warm and sweet, sayin “Damn, babe -your day blowed”
Always the first to make me laugh
Do anything on your behalf
1 and 1 is 1 with us, babe -you do the math

I suggest moving to the room; you say here’s where you prefer.
You use your kiss to dress my wounds so that I can feel my worth.
And then I do the same for you until everything’s a blur.
You take me higher than the moon, then return me safely back to earth.
The moment’s passed all too soon, my speech becomes a purr:
“If it was something we could do, I would each hour per
Return us to the place we knew, the heavenly place we were.
We may not be able to at noon, but right now it can occur” ;)

You like that idea, or so you must,
Cus you start doing such and such.
A simple touch,
I turn to mush.
Who knew back then a little crush
Would bloom into a love so lush?
We both know it’s much more than lust,
But I can’t ignore that urgent thrust.
You come inside, I feel a rush.
We pause together a moment just,
And then: a hush..
Then resting in your arms, a plus
I fall asleep with thoughts of us.

Doubtless: you’re the one for me.
And I the one with whom you’ll be
For now, and for eternity;
Our unity a reaction knee-jerk.

To one the other the only key,
A better two I’ll never see.
Great separate but better ‘We’;
My God: I love our teamwork.

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