23 March 2010

master of disguise

so I was stuck and the homie (Jihaaad) hooked me up wiith a dope opening line. this is what I've got so far

You're not alone, but it's hard to tell; because everyone else hides so well.
The constant confusion caused by the spell under which you fell understandably became your wishing well.
Through the yells from his cell, you were the ring to his bell- though he put you through hell, and left you a bitter, brittle shell
of yourself.
You remained.

Ignoring the bed creeks as from your side he crept
You self-consoled until the morning wept
with you
And convinced yourself you knew with whom you slept
and didn't mind

Despite the fact that he returned, unkempt
You 'fought the good fight' and kept your head limp
Denying yourself of time better spent
cus you thought you couldn't find
someone better

And because you believe that without you he'd unravel
You stare out the window as he walks through the gravel
Headed out to what you know is not business travel
And go down to your kitchen to pop 12 too many advil
face dripping wetter than even you're used to
cus you've realized

That despite proclamations and self-conceived notions
Through heartbreak and headace and overwhelming emotion
Of the so-called necessity of your promotion
Of self-sacrifice and unyeilding devotion
To someone who's never been true
That the only one who doesn't see it is you
Hidden from no one but yourself:
you're a master of disguise

(to be continued?)

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