Meet Your Host: Chaina Nickole Dobbins

As a testament to her name, Chaina Nickole, which means beautiful victor, lives out her namesake through her daily endeavors. Whether beautifully weaving words together to create understanding of emotion and of fact, or victoriously combating social ills, Miss Dobbins works hard to maintain a multi-faceted yet cohesive self-identity. Her various interests are fueled by equal passion, and the chronicles thereof are housed here. Unwilling to be limited by just one of her joys, Chaina caters to each of her callings: academic, artist and activist. 
Academic: Chaina is a senior Philosophy major at Spelman College, minoring in French and Anthropology. She is currently researching concepts of group and individual thought and its relation to the current American public education system. While attending Spelman, Chaina has ventured out on several academic pursuits. The first is the Young Black Thinkers Society, an AUC philosophy club she co-founded with colleague and friend Whitney Skippings-Dupree. The two ladies teamed up again to form The Presage, an undergraduate journal which will debut 1 September 2010. To further validate her academic efforts, Chaina was granted a fellowship with UNCF/Mellon as a sophomore, and will maintain that fellowship through her ultimate goal of becoming a tenured professor. Upon graduating from Spelman, Chaina plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Philosophy in preparation for a life in higher education and educational reform.The Academic page offers some of Chaina's essays and academic events.

Artist: Chaina is a philosopher by trade but a writer by hobby. When not exercising her academic muscles, Chaina writes poetry and prose that creatively chronicle her experiences in love and frustration (with people, with concepts, with reality). Chaina is a loyal member of Ill-Lyterati, an arts collective based in Atlanta, Georgia. As such, she serves as co-host to Open Mic Nights at Morehouse College's Kilgore Café.While nurturing her craft, Chaina is excited to begin several writing projects that will showcase some of her creative writing. Check out the Artist page to see what she's up to and read some of her work.

Activist: Apart from her academic and artistic ventures, Chaina devotes a lot of time to community outreach and activist research. Whether "Spitting for Change" or finding empirical proof to undermine the currently failing education system, Chaina constantly applies her talents to her heart of justice and reform. See her Activist page for more information about her community service and reform efforts.

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