22 September 2010

subject matter

looking back on my work I've realized that I tend to write about the same things: men, love, relationships.
at first I questioned this, then I realized that I've actually written about the fact that it's such a central part of me. ha.

so I thought about thinking about writing something "more profound". something "deep".
but that's not me.
it's not that there's no depth to who I be
it's just that I don't define it the same as does he
or qualify it only by world calamities
(which are also important but dont necessarily speak to me
when I sit down to write)
although I'm disgusted by the strife
caused by misdirected lives
currupted by tyrannical democrats poorly disguised as knights
in shining armour.
when what others really need is for their hearts and culture to be safe guarded..

I don't know it's just not what pours from my fingertips when I type. I think it's because when I write it's after an epiphany. Some very personal self-refletion that comes about after having lived a little. And it's not news that this world's full of bullshenanigans. I wouldn't be offering myself or anyone else anything by making it rhyme. Maybe once I find the solution I'll write about it. Or maybe I do just have a one-track mind. *grimmaces*. Nonetheless,

rather than try to be like other poets and
mimick their flow and
put on a show
I just follow my own and speak what I know

and that's not to discredit the poets of this kind. I'm often impressed by their verbose vocab and cultural awareness. I'm just not there yet: I have so much to learn and read about just how messed up things are before I can offer an opinion that goes beyond saying this world is whack and instead says why and how to change it.

that make sense? hope so.

til next time.

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