20 March 2010


I've got 8-10 pieces 'saved to drafts' with only a line or two in them. the mood is set but the details aren't. And I want sooo badly to find them.

I feel like writing comes naturally to me. I am used to being able to sit with my pen and paper or at my computer and watch as the words flow from me. I don't even know where they come from. My mind? My heart? Are these words even mine? Or are they Someone Else's words for me? I think it may be that last one.. (http://foreverinprogress.blogspot.com/2009/04/ars-poetica.html)

Anyway, there are often times when I'll write down a line or phrase and get stuck. [I awaited your response. And you were right about everything. Funny how that works, cus you never said a word..] Sometimes the idea will be there but the words won't quiiite fit. Other times I'll just get a form or mood for a sentence or piece which I'll have to go back to fufill. [I had so many words waiting on you for when... and now that... I'm speechless]
Then there are those times when the desire to write hits me and all I can do I stare at the words I've already written but need elaboration. That's when you get posts like these. Me writing (aimlessly) because I have to write.

Anyhoo I guess I've filled my quota for the moment. Just got an idea for a new piece..


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