31 March 2010


we chilled together
smoked together
shared our dreams and hopes together
cheifin til we float together
wrote together
were dope together
and when times got tough together
we'd just sit and cope together
we'd hang tight in any weather
no one better
shared a bed and
if I needed somethin from him, he'd comply down to the letter
made his chedder
then shared his bread
wit his girl
I rocked his world
but it's cool he rocked mine too
funny what a man can do
when all he really wants is you
I cured his blues
and dissolved his pain
reminded him of all he'd gain
from it
and that sunshine feels so much better when it's proceeded by the rain
(don't it?)
and that no matter what he'd do or say my love would never change
and that at the very least our memories would always be the same
ya see
I liked him!
And he liked me right back.
if the crew ran out of room I'd just sit on his lap
if I woke up hungry he'd be my midnight snack
when we had to part ways gave my booty a playful tap
make-up sex after spats like crack
he bent my body acroba-tic
appreciated one another's futures; we put each other on the map
cus we knew one day the people would be ready for us
standin Os and roses thrown (*clap clap*)
waitin til that day we were each other's biggest fan
his ride or die chick
the one he loved to be wit
I was

but that was then.
(part 2: now- coming soon)

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