29 March 2010

Didn't (Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda)

I wanted you to be my all.
Wanted mine to be the name you'd call
When you were lost and all alone.

You coulda been.

I wanted you to rescue me.
One to reveal the mysteries
That you keep hidden in your soul

You shoulda been.

You were my lover and my friend,
And when the story ends,
The one with whom I'd have grown

You woulda been.

If only you had been the man.
That I thought I had.
You coulda, shouda, woulda done that.
But you didn't.

I could have slowed my pace for you,
And been the one whose heart you knew,
If only I had stepped aside-

I coulda tried.

Had I thought about your blues..
Or the past you had been through..
Because I knew you needed time

I shoulda tried.

What I could have tried to do
Was to give a little clue.
And had I known you wanted mine

I woulda tried.

If only I had been the one
To tell you what I want..
I coulda shoulda woulda done that.
But I didn't.

Instead we played our little roles
An' stepped in seperate soles;
Avoidant of eachother when we both had the same goals.
Ignored our blatent passion
Dispite overt attraction.
And while it's too late now I know

If only we had somehow seen
What we could have been
We coulda, shoulda, woulda done that.
But we didn't.

I wish we had.

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