22 April 2010

Meme Si (Even If)

Si le soleil ne lève pas
Vous brillez suffisamment
Et quand les eaux ne coulent plus
Vos mots pourraient être ma boisson
Si, par coïncidence, la nourriture disparaîssait
Je me régalerais de votre amour
Et si vous vous éloignez de moi
Je resterai dans votre cœur

Even If
If the Sun does not rise
You shine sufficiently
And when the waters no longer flow
Your words can be my drink
If, for instance, all food disappeared
I would feast on your love
And if you go away from me
I will remain in your heart

15 April 2010


I remember when I met him.
Neither much interested in the other we somhow came close.
Didn't take long to find that he was was the thought to my mind that soon became the spine to my tingle.
Seeing him turned into the treat that satisfied the hunger that belonged to the lonliness I didn't know I had.
Not my better, but my other half. My equal.
When he wants to create, I am his practice canvas.
If I am to smile, he is the laugh behind it:
My sarcasm's wit.

He an entrepreneur and I a vehicle; he starts me up.
If he's King, my body is his kingdom and I willingly let him reign over me.

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