30 December 2011


written for the introduction to Yoash Victorious’s Season of the Come Up EP. 
the season of the come up is not just a record. it’s not just a movement.
it’s a declaration made by the millions of minds that feel it’s their time.
too many of us have been denied what is rightfully ours
because we’re too blinded by dreams deferred and hopes devoured. 
not that we don’t have the strength within to win, 
but somewhere along the way we became cowards.
but now, we’re sick and tired of keeping our power confined in our pain. 

it’s time to unchain the change ingrained in our veins and let it rain. 
quenching the thirst of the earth, birth worth, and make it plain.
cus alterations can’t be made if our ways stay the same. 
and we can’t defy defeat if we answer to her name
I’m just sayin..
instead of tryna fix the rules, it’s time to change the game, stop playin. 
if you want to rearrange the scheme of thangs you cain.
I mean you can.
I mean you’re able to kill anything that threatens your will to survive. 
so shift your mental gear; take it out of neutral and put it in drive.
come alive! we’re kneeling
I mean pleading
I mean kneading knowing into being. 
and we’re in needing of some soldiers whose hearts are also bleeding. 
no more weeping. without seeking. a solution. 
no more distractions. 
no more insufficient reactions.
no more chit chattin without action. 
and no more actin.
as a matter of fact, retract the tracks of a change to come from your musical rack until you recognize that it’s time to make it happen. 

it’s time to rise up 
against that which falsely defines us.
time to leave behind fractured frames of mind and all the wrong done us.
time to deny the decline with which life has inclined us put up.
time to quit copying and pasting passivity; it’s time to cut up or shut up.
in other words,
it’s time for the come up.

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