18 March 2010

By the Way..

*hey readers. this one is a sort of collaboration from me and my girl alex a. (aka miss frizz). some recent activity has led us to an epiphany or two, and those ideas sparked this piece*

It's funny to me that you think you've got me pegged;
But I don't really see the need for you to get inside my head.
I'm not impressed, nor am I phased, by this he said she said.
Why's it matter to anyone but us that we sometimes share a bed?
And why is that an indication that someone ELSE can get me instead?
(It's not.)

It seems as though we're different, you and me:
You claim you just don't care; I act accordingly.

You brag to your boys that you always call the shots;
I rest easy knowing you always call to get what I got .

And we've spent so much time together, so why don't I know you?
I feel as though I get the same facade that everybody else do.
Correct me if I'm wrong but as a friend real's what I'm entitled to.
So stop acting like I'm just "that one girl with whom you blew".

Granted, I'm convinced you don't know me either.
You just see me as your personal people pleaser.
And I admit I haven't shown you much else.
But know I'm not just nice cus it's good for my health.
And it's difficult to show more when all convo's happen below the belt.
Or have something to do with someone else with whom you've dealt.

Or is it that I'm not your friend?
If so, let me know so this charade can end.
I'm not interested in being a drama queen,
But I also don't want to keep replaying the same scene.

Believe it or not I have a mind of my own.
And I not just am but also act grown.
So you're very welcome for sharing with you my wealth
Of kindness and patience; constantly giving of myself.
And for putting my reputation and time on the shelf
While you define me without asking my help.

Excuse me if this comes off whiny or rude.
Just know from here on out I'm just not in the mood
For phony conversation and fake attitudes.
Hopefully we can move past this and still be cool,
But first, we need some real change to come through.

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