24 February 2010

A Real King Knows His Worth

I have the Strength of 1,000 men running through my veins.
I’m clothed in self-assurance, so you never see me strain.
I’m oh so very confident cus my swag is well maintained.
And I live amongst the clouds; best believe I got it made.
But all you see’s my outside, so you regard me with disdain,
And ignore your own claim that to generalize is insane.
You don’t know from whence I came.
You just place me, without shame.
But you weren’t there when my brother played in his first little league game.
Or when my boy got shot just tryna catch the early train.
Or even last semester when moms changed her last name.
You just see another ‘brotha’ tryna get his claim to fame.
What you don’t see is my ability to help you through your pain.
Or the way I can take flight using words as my plane.
Or my tendency to mold mishaps til my misfortune’s rearranged.
But that’s ok.
You don’t know cus I don’t show you.
But you assume that it’s your right
To be able to look at me and see the inner fight.
Or to know my every goodness cus I think you‘re “out of sight”.
And think that one small conversation defines my bark’s bite.
I try to do things right the first time cus there’s no way to rewind it.
So forgive me if I seem rude, but there’s no way to deny it:
The me in me is untouchable; there’s no way to define it.
And just like you should, I know of my good
And the power that is behind it.
I’m not just going to give it to you; you have to find it.
Show my spirit what it means to feel right and continue to remind it.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be kind.
And I’m willing to expose my mind.
All I’m trying to explain is that I want your’s too, if you want mine.
You know what the Bible says about pearls and swine.
I’m just trying to make sure what’s mine is in line.
And I expect the same from you.
It’s about self-love, not being rude.
You’ve heard it been said: “To thine own self be true”
And concentrating on pleasing you would make that very hard to do.
So I walk with an air that suggests I’m a King.
And I talk like I do because I’m a high-esteemed being.
And I act without question -or at least so it seems
Because at the end of the day I must answer to ME.
So rather than tell me what disposition I should uphold
Just try to get to know me; you’ll like what you learn.

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