01 February 2009

The Case for Love

The Case for Love
The Precedent

Some call it the L-word, others spell it L-U-V, but this 4-letter word holds just as much power as its less-than-perfect counterparts. Often misconstrued as just another verb we can use, its changing power proves true and true again- if we let it.

The Opinion

A constant alteration of perception and a never-ending guide, it’s this single word that holds a key so readily available- often duplicated and often more so blatantly ignored, yet hardly ever used properly and to its full effect. The only true key to every city, every heart and every soul- the single-most reliever of this world’s most hurting strife. The shocking way in which to express everything and nothing in a language universally known and understood to man all across this planet.The undeniable approach to the argument unsupported that proclaims no words can express the feelings so many of us share. But it’s the historical presence of this word alone that inherently holds an understanding never-yieldingly clear. More than a feeling or expression, it’s an experience near unreal. Unparalleled by anything, its unbelievable nature is what makes it SO real. If ever there was a thought that asked the question Why are we here? The answer can be found within the lover’s telling smile.

The Dissent

Forever familiar with false connections with those I thought I wanted: I am yearning for the one I know I need. Having grown weary of mediocrity and misconceptions I have to recognize the best things come to those who wait, and so my journey's ended: I no longer can be an active participant in the search for love that is my life. Rather, I must patiently correct within that which I have allowed others to destroy in hopes that there will be another who can somehow be the fulfillment of the one void I can't complete alone. And when his path crosses mine, it is then and only then that I'll be free to be the woman he needs, I need, we need me to be, in a way that proves the sentiment is true...


Understanding my position does not introduce self-doubt. Instead it imlpements encouragement for a reality I can only imagine- for the time being.While there's an acceptance real there is hope steadfast and deadlocked, for realization is never to be confused with defeat.I anticipate my future, I look forward to my fate, and it's with a smile that I let my journey end.

24 May 2008

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