08 August 2011

Shawn Deangelo

Shawn Deangelo Walton was born in Eastpoint and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. And ATL has been his home ever since. A real lover of his community, Shawn feels convicted to use his gifts and talents to aid his immediate neighborhood of the Ashview Heights/Fair Street community. Aside from his time spent volunteering in an art class at the local elementary school (M. Agnes Jones), Shawn has spent countless hours helping to bring a piece of original artwork to the neighborhood via a wall-sized mural that can be seen from the art class window. 

The Fair St. Mural, a 5-month project, is showcased on a 15x40' wall aside the facing corner store's wall. It features the likeness of 22 prolific proponents of civil rights (including President Barack Obama, Angela Davis, Marcus Garvey, President John F. Kennedy, Louis Armstrong and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) all led in march by two young children headed to school. The mural also highlights some of the area's historical hotspots, such as the Atlanta University Center, the Bronner Brothers building and the Georgia Dome. The artist has been ralying up volunteers to aid him in his endeavor for the past several months, and the painted mural is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Shawn hopes that the mural brings the community hope for the future of their neighborhood. He is encouraged, he says, by the daily words of encouragement and gratitude from members in the community, who feel their once treasured region has been neglected. He has a true passion for the enlightenment of his people and the uplifting of the children. He hopes this mural can inspire someone in the community to do what they may have thought impossible.

Thanks for your service, Shawn, and congratulations on a job well done.

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