29 April 2009


*This is most-definately a work in progress. Just workin on some thoughts. I'm liking it so far though. Read it, tell me what you think!*
They say silence is golden, but to speak up's somethin' platinum.
Take a look around and make a shout for what is happ'nin'.
Stop for just a moment; I gaurantee it won't take long
To see all the hate, rape, debate, too-high stakes, and all the trappins.

We got.
Premature death and life without freedom.
"Limitless chances" met with challenge and confusion
We're loosin.
Sight of the goals for which we first set out
Why don't you take a look around and see what this world's REALLY about.
What good's a message if no one carries it out?
I'm one of faith but times all I'm feelin is doubt for this

World of hunger.
This shameful world of spite.
And this
Place that allows children to sleep bedless at night. Or even
Throws them away if they dont't have the right part
I Wish I was done but, hunnie, this here is just a start.

We got
Financial destitution and sick folks without Care
people in danger but they can't go anywhere

Then there's. Global warmin
Constant warnins
People adorin
All the wrong- the right ignorin.

Un-necessary fights
We betta get right
So that we all might
Pick up and take flight

Not just babies havin babies but what's worse they kill em too
So much judgement I don't judge ya but I wonder what you'd do
If you knew across the waters children dyin left and right
Whose mothers are in morning steady cryin day and night
Who'd do anything for freedom to have a baby boy or girl
As we fight here for freedom to kill the 'fetus'? based on choice.


I know that's touchy. But we gotta think more large
And stop bein so self-centered callin other folks bizarre

Maybe once we just take folks for what they are
We'll have better understanding here at home and abroad

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