30 April 2009

Letter to my Lover

Dear Baby,

Life without you is like
a sky without blue I'm like
what would I do if like
you were not true and like
I have no clue! cus like
this is so NEW to like
have something so coool

You're like my
change to the rule and my
brand new day. You're my
every way yes my
winter's May where my
little head can lay if my
day goes astray

You. Are. My.
day's midnight my
heart's get right when
I've lost my sight and just got no might so
sexy and so bright can I just have
one bite.?


So overwhelming I
know you can tell and
so quickly I fell-
so glad I'm your belle babe just

had to let you know cus
you're in my heart and in my soul so

As we grow
let it flow
I'm gon show
I won't go
I knew so
long ago
this is real
like my 'fro

Love your laugh
love your glow
I'm the rookie to your pro so

my lover and friend:

Glad I'm

til... The End


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