04 April 2009

rhetorical questions

i needed you most tonight and you weren't there। but i needed you most tonight because you weren't there.

-but would i have needed you this badly if you weren't there yesterday? or tommorow? who knows?

i hate being wrong about something so right. i hate being uncertain about something so sure.

i .h a t e knowing who i am and that not being enough. i hate knowing that part of who i am is being who i am not. i hate change- when it aint broke. i HATE stagnation- always.

why do you say what you dont mean? if you think sayin what you ->think<- i want to hear is best. think again. why do you play me for a fool why do you make me doubt. i doubt you have the answers. i know i do. so why do i ask?? why do i care so much how you see me? are you as righteous as we make you seem? whose fault is it that a cycle is speedily forming? and who will take the blame? when do words meet feelings when apologies are spoken? and when do they meet actions? do opposites attract? do we? why don't you just >>"GET IT"<< ?
where is this going?
where have we gone?

what's missing?
what's too much?
what's left?

where do we go from here?
and when?

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