15 April 2010


I remember when I met him.
Neither much interested in the other we somhow came close.
Didn't take long to find that he was was the thought to my mind that soon became the spine to my tingle.
Seeing him turned into the treat that satisfied the hunger that belonged to the lonliness I didn't know I had.
Not my better, but my other half. My equal.
When he wants to create, I am his practice canvas.
If I am to smile, he is the laugh behind it:
My sarcasm's wit.

He an entrepreneur and I a vehicle; he starts me up.
If he's King, my body is his kingdom and I willingly let him reign over me.
Then I, the Queen
Who loves to sit on her throne
Do so, upon he.
And then we rest.
My chill's warmth he is.
During that time when the sun's down but the moon's not up and two people come together so that her one leg is over his leg whose other leg is both over and under her first and one’s shoulder is under the other's head and somehow through it all they manage
to steal a kiss.

My words when I'm speechless and the surface to my edge
His is the most refreshing cool.
Tip-toing on the pool of love trying not to fall in
We both prefer to sit
On the side and dip
Our feet in until time permits
Us to jump in
Until then
We wait
And enjoy the company.

And those times when
My world begins to spin around me
And all I need is reassurance as the chaos astounds me
He embraces me.

In a world where connection is hard to get,
He is my perfect fit.

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