08 August 2011

The Frederick Douglass Tutorial Institute

Chaina is a proud member of the Frederick Douglass Tutorial Institute and has been since her freshman year in college. The Frederick Douglass Tutorial Institute (FDTI) is a tutoring program held in Brawley Hall on the Morehouse College campus. It was founded in 1970 by the late Morehouse graduate Carthur Drake. FDTI The Institute welcomes students from all over Atlanta, who come to be tutored by AUC college student volunteers. The students come from grades K-12 seeking aid in a variety of subjects, so there's room for any AUC student seeking a fulfilling opportunity to serve their community. FDTI does count toward community service hours, but tutors are encouraged to make a more long-term commitment.

This urge is in place for several reasons. Many students are regular attendees of FDTI and therefore begin to make bonds with their tutors. FDTI is a student-run organization, so the need for regular tutors is a crucial one. The process proves beneficial to tutors as well, for they are granted a wonderful chance to become a mentor, and also are able to experience the joy of seeing the difference they make as children transition from states of confusion to those of understanding.

FDTI meets Saturday mornings from 9 30 - 11 30 during the academic year.

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