13 August 2010


I want to write you something. Something that will take your breath away. I want to string together the perfect amount of the perfect words so perfectly that when you read them if you didn't feel about me the same way I felt about you, you would then.

I want to sing for you. A song unlike any other. A song whose words only you could appreciate, sung in a language only we can understand. Our own Love song, unmatched. So beautiful that it resonates within your spirit and keeps you.

I want to dance with you. From the moment I return home until you beg me to leave you alone which you won't cus you want to dance with me too. Endlessly. Exotically. Excitedly. Earnestly.

I want to build with you. Home. Love. Our own traditions and additions to the blindly accepted regimens of life. I want to build something so grand, so marvelous, that to cross our path alone would endow passers-by with a bit of excellence of their own.

I want joy with you. I want to plot and ploy with you. I want to want you even when I'm annoyed with you and have 3 or 4 boys with you.

And I don't want to ask myself any more questions about it.

I want you. And I want you to have me. Come. Take what's yours.

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