17 February 2011


The world is full of haters:
facilitators of debates that have no stake in reality
whose sole purpose in life is to initiate calamity
(or so they think). Or so it seems
cus every time they open their mouths vehemence seeps out and overclouds the mounds and mountain peaks from which true wisdom speaks in an attempt to repeat the history that brought us down.
And somehow they've convinced thousands to believe these self-defeating untruths;
they're ruthless.
And all without proof they do this.
And bystanding aloof we accrue this
false information and form therefrom false identities.
No way to rewind we simply must find in ourselves the entity that makes us human and multiply it by infinity;
superhumanify the I, that is you.
Next time they try to remind you that the possible is improbable
call an audible
ya gotta know
that it's simply a lot a bull
perpetuated by the minds that guide those that blindly abide by unrevised rules
used to keep potential energy resentful of the powers that be,
not knowing if it would just move it'd prove that even the statistically unaccounted for is valuable.
Mandate it for yourself officially unallowable
the fallible ways they try to display what they say is your inability:
intrinsic militancy misplaced into anger and violence willingly.
Believe you me: appeasing the masses isn't easy,
but it also isn't always the best choice.
Have your own voice
and use it boldly.
Let who you are be enough and carry it proudly like a trophy-
a gift from God
Who saw fit for someone like you to exist
not just to sit around moping
or mope around barely coping and losing focus of your purpose when you could be running it.
Legitimate heir to the throne,
take your seat and claim your own.
You could run the show if you so desire.
Determine for yourself what the worth of your empire will be
and make it happen.
Ruler of your own destiny,
pick up your shoes and walk toward the you you were meant to be.
Figure out the role you were made to play the way only you can.
Cus at the end of the day you will be held accountable for yourself.
And if you get lost along the way, there's nothing wrong with asking for help.
So no more excuses.
Unloose yourself from the trying whining of these mindless clowns and become the real you,
self-edifying and abounding in glorious worth. Then
take a look around and admire the results of your work.
Newly unwound from the misplaced distaste and the hurt,
territory claimed and maintained with efficiency and mirth,
you realize that without someone or something trying to keep you down
you would never know the joy that comes from being finally

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