04 February 2011

The Memo

I fit in with me.
I'm a wonderwoman who can fly and type and rhyme all while dancing
to a beat created by none other than.. ME.
what's NOT to love??
My last Me's misery reflected in the current One's glee;
what could make you THINK for a SECOND that I somehow fail to see your idea of Me is madly incomplete?
Or that I care?
(let ME know
so I can AMEND that *ish*)
hi-writing the skyline with My pen.
insatiable hungers for that that can't be
come close when I open My head and let My mind do its thing
and it makes Me feel much better
laughter so bold it runs races with thunder and wins
live My life preaching wisdom but never forgettin My sins
the only One on whom My life depends
I lead the way for Me
in touch with Me and I like what I see
who I be was meant for Me
and I will never
I am important to me. Of no doing of my own, my pride rests in those that came before me. Nests in tales of revolution. Nestled near the rigid warmth of great granddaddy's voice. Simply put: needs, is, breathes, gives me history. My history. H-I is siiiiilent-ly spoken when I face my ancestors in all their glory. Retold stories of unloved lovers. Bold imploring now hidden undercover(s) of books unread because our schools have a tradition. But luckily so do I, and it proudly boasts it's mission: the not so simple task of making what should, be. I love you,
me. knock-knock. who's there? me. me who? me.I.she.fly C-H-A-I. N-A. chaichai, ol' girly w
the eyes? nah, the one with the hair. yeah, same chick. 5'6". not so thick, but she's got nice lips. thinks quick. nice wit. and she spits! wants to teach. smart, sweet ,and confident. old school spirit with a new school edge. gonna change the system if it leaves her dead. fellas tryna holla but she's practically wed. never turn her back on ya cus she meant what she said. and she never makes promises she can't keep. her.
she's somebody.
..'s somebody. Reflected in the love of another is the greatness of she, the beloved. Cherished and adored, her goal is to ensure that he knows his love is reciprocated. Never belated, they waited until the time was right. And now that's it's arrived it'll never leave their sight. Strength and might combine to unite a queen to her king revealing a love to revel the ages. Uncaged rage has nothin on this love. Raving mad sadness can keep on truckin cus this love ain't havin it. Too real is their connection. Too energized for restin, it obliterates each test and pop quiz thrown in its direction. Love muscles flexin continuously. With a presence so potent it's perplexin (but only to those who aren't as blessed). Their love's more familiar than textin, more revered than an s-marked chest. The rest may not understand it, but his love is all she needs..to know that what he sees when he admires she is incredibly unique.
I love creativity.
In it I see me.
'Cause it was HIS that reached into the heavens and pulled out ME!
My spirit's atmosphere-
One that rains on Its subordinate graciously.
And often.
One that covers His love patiently.
And softens
Hardened heads and harder hearts
That have been jumbled, crumbled and ripped apart,
Never believing a new start is possible
Until He appears and darts the target's goal
He gives us Art.
Beautiful creation that re-makes Itself seen.
Three in one, some abstract trinity,
It is a never-ending reminder of He
That makes me
Take care of me.
This thing can go on forever: woman proud.. woman comfortable with her for her because of her...story. Faced with the facts, no longer ignoring her herness and knowing that she is enough. Empowered and uplifted because she realizes her worth. She is the epitome of greatness, unearthed. History uplifted, actualities untwisted, misery re-gifted and mended into gold. If you weren't aware that such brilliance existed, you must have missed it, but you can consider this the memo.

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