24 May 2011

sampled love.

a song about (lost) love. dedicated to (real) music.

You used to be my song.
Now all I've got left is a capella memories.
Where did we go wrong?
The melody has gone and took with it my harmony.

And if it's over I'll be alright.
Our love I will cover, repeat in my mind.
Until I get the real thing back.

You were why I wrote.
My meistro and my base (bass), conducting my heart to play.
Then you changed the notes;
now you're prone to violence (violins), fiddling heartstrings away.

Free Verse
I used to love you.
Back when you were original and pure. Back when the best of you couldn't be recorded, adorned, packaged and stored. You know, back when you were sure.
In those days I could dial you up to hear your voice. But then you changed your tune.
Now I have to search archives of albums with an accompaniment just to find you.
Orchestrated sonata now the echo of a symphony.
Thunderous tenor now a feeble mezzo forte falsetto.
What happened to you?
You were a well structured sonnet and I fell in love with your lyrical design.
But you couldn't keep time. Or keep up with the times, that is. Or were too busy trying, I guess. 
Cus as the people around you became callous and crude so did you.
When they told you chivalry was dead you listened, and shifted your stanzas to suit their taste.
You hastily diminished our duet with your decrescendo into delirium.
And you did it all so quickly there may be no turning back.
But while you and what once moved you may have come to a rest, no coda could conclude my repetition of your rhythm. 
So rather than recite your requiem, I'll repeat your rhapsodies until their romantic notes are no longer in my register.

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