24 August 2011

Young Black Thinkers Society

The Young Black Thinkers Society (YBTS) is a registered student organization at Spelman College. Founded in Fall 2009, this AUC-wide club meets once a week to discuss pressing issues in often heated but ever enlightening discussion. Topics have ranged from the supposed decline in music over the years, to debate over whether ignorance is bliss. Once a month, the group discusses the central ideas of a Black thinker or theory. Other activities include (but are not limited to) movie viewings, debates (within the group and with other AUC registered student organizations) and meetings at the local café

YBTS meets on the 4th floor of the Camille Cosby Academic Center on Spelman's campus on Tuesdays at 6 o'clock pm, starting on 6 September.

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