02 May 2010

falsely accused

my spirit hurts.
because it knows what goes on outside it at its expense.
framed by the body, the spirit pays the price.
guilty by association, the spirit assumes the position given it by its cohorts.
at her core, she is innocent, knowing, and pure.
yet her face holds scars of a life that innocence could never know.
the jury is out; and it cares of nothing but the facts.
(only actions can be interpreted when the words don't match,
and the speechless spirit can't even offer that much.)

her only escape would leave her companions in her position:
isolated and voiceless- a reality she wouldn't wish on anyone.
so, to maintain the happiness of those around her,
she quietly stomachs the crumbs her captors force feed her
until the day for her last meal comes
(or until they realize the Truth in her thoughts,
whichever comes first).

withholding tears serves its purpose those times when the evidence is greater than the verdict,
for they can only heal wounds created by those losses that are not tangible.
but the unleashing of these in particular will give voice to an unjustly silenced prisoner-
an appeal for the release of the falsely accused,
an atonement offered only by the will will speak for her.
but will her message be heard?

only time will tell, but this time can no longer be served behind bars.

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