31 May 2010


me (@yaRoyalDopeness on twitter) and the homie (@WhoIsMrWizard) decided to have a freestyle comp. via twitter. [yes. we both had that little to do with our lives] this is what unfolded:

Mr. Wizard
famous in my city for my trafficin history
undercover agents working hard to get me
hammer time
u fools can't touch me
i am a entity

Yours Truely
fellas steady questionin the status of my relations.
I tell em I'm not tied down; they quickly become elated.
I tell em not to be becus I am not tryna date em.
then they give me the look that says I emotionally raped em

Mr. Wizard
shawty askin if i can handle her
boo don't you know 20 minutes alone wit ya legs at attention i can dissmantel ya
have ya face glistinin
ex failed ya why not a real morehouse man holla atcha
i am nothing less than a orgasm scholar

every man I run into
say orgasms what he studied in school
talkin bout he got all a's
enough talkin, let's see the proof

i put my whole city on
to somethings they wouldn't have seen on their own
i got your proof
didn't need school
got it in this tool

so you the type to put people on
thats cool; guess we got somethin in com-mon
sounds like some fun
could be the one
to get a taste a the fruit from chi chi's gar-dun

Kush Is My Cologne
its the space shit to my zone
my and the crew count stacks while i sit back and relax on my golden thrown
king of zone
yep you call it home

got time on my hands I spend it destroyin competition
do ya self a favor: sit down and take a listen
my spittin vicious
and my kisses are so delicious.
impress me wit ya skills and you can come get with this

he's takin forever to respond wit a new verse
prolly over there tryna contemplate and rehearse
i know why he
tries so sincerly
in a room full of baddies I am the worst

challenges chi i fux wit
losing shawty i sux at it
tellin me to get wit it is dangerous cause the mr. wizard done and mastered it

swag game emaculate
bitches want my autograph
crazies try and tackle it
kill em wit
swag stupid bonkas bitch

lol I guess you got a couple good ones in ya.
but you dont compare to me cus out is where I send ya
second guessin the day I decided to befriend ya.
thanks for playin bud; we'll have to do this again-a

mama told ya stay away from dem rude boys
boo i am the worest
fuck u leave u then steal ya purse
i think u cute but i more in love wit the money it revolves my universe
i know my love can hurt
but wasn't it nice i should you that you can squirt

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