10 May 2010

What Next?

Having conquered our uncertainties and brought our conflicts to the light,
and having overcome the awkwardness met with not-so-innocent delight,
I begin to wonder where it is our discovery will lead.
And so I list the possibilities as my pen begins to bleed:

What Next?
What next?
Having endured this pleasant trial for the longest of short times,
What is the blessed aftermath of our confliction oh so real?
What next?
Can we drop our current situations to pursue each others hearts?
Must we leave behind the history created while we're apart?
What next?

Do we notify the presses; let them know we have arrived?
Can we cast aside the rules of play to which we know we must abide?
What next?
Am I able to seek shelter in the comfort of your arms?
Or must I patiently await them for fear of causing someone harm?
What next?
Can we just ignore our answers to the questions that hold true?
Or must we bring them to the forefront: the thoughts of me still needing you?
What next?
However we decide, we musn't falter, musn't hide
Because it's you who taught me the significance of having some self-pride
So all we need is a decision
All we need is what to do
Because if there's one person I can enter into battle with, it's you.
All I need's an answer
All I'm looking for's your best
Just tell me, tell me quickly
Cus I need to know: what's next?

May 2008

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