25 May 2010

Be My Angel

When I need a little help
Even when I think I don't
You provide me with your insight
Removing known and un-known hurt

Others offer cliched wisdom
Fortune cookie remedies
But yours are new words chosen
To cater to me and my needs

And that's why
I want you to be my angel

I know
That this life is my own
But this road
Is not to be traveled alone
I need a helpmate
To walk with me to the end
And it is you babe
Who I choose to be that friend

Many friends have come and gone
Many have helped me through my pain
But it is you who seems
to right the wrongs
Caused by life's unyielding game

An angel unmoved by my preference
Here to protect each part of me
A peace whole, pure
And unselfish
This is what your spirit brings

And that's why
I want you to be my angel


And should our time come to an end
I will be okay
I'll know you're there for me
Through anything
Your lasting spirit will remain

That's why
I thank God that you're my angel

You will always be my angel

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