13 March 2011

can't let you go, reprise.

So I wrote this poem over the summer. It's funny, cus I'm talking about how I can see the heartbreak up ahead with this cat and all. Fast forward 7 or 8 months and here I am, with this guy I wrote about wanting to not want. Goes perfectly with this ongoing conversation I've been having with myself and others for a while now. The question is: In relationships, how much is too much and when? 

Consider a marriage: it's gonna take a lot (it should take a lot, I mean) before a marriage is dissolved.
Consider a newly budding friendship: if someone who is basically a stranger to you does something significantly shady, that may be reason enough to take the hint and keep moving.

But what about everything in between? Especially relationships that are fluid, and unbound by "titles". I mean, how do you determine that a particular action is not worth forgiving? Or that a particular habit is not worth trying to break? How much is too much, and when?

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