21 April 2011

Letter to the Editors

To whom it may concern:

Any nation that defaces great races and then erases articulation of racist victimization using propagation that makes hatred seem brave and reiterates this implementation in dozens of cases is a disgrace.

And furthermore, when he who perpetuates such grave mistakes can not only escape but embrace his fate because the raping and disseminating of native states whose inhabitants are innately blank is a reason to celebrate I become irate.

Can you relate?

Seems like history has yet to lost its stake. What will it take to make our fated future of freedom happen now? Tell me how when paralyzing hypnotizing always wins. And multiplicitous categorizing using the same lens is defended by academics who spend their time writing their findings using the same
ship me out of here. This time I want to go. To the land of the free where the buffalo roam. Where cowboys and Indians are the best of friends and as long as you're willing to work for it we can all have a Benz. That place where equality seeps through their pores- wrought on from countless years of war fighting for peace. That place where I don't have to have a say because my government speaks for me. That land of liberty where I liberally can toss my cares to the wind and still win.

(Who am I kidding?) It remains that the evidence is stacked up and it all backs up the fact that the U.S. is jacked up. But that's not all I have to say.

I believe in change. And I see it in you. Self-hatred ingrained in what's not taught in schools. Champions made lame because they assumed they would lose before the game even got started. World changers in chains our ancestors have already helped to break leaves me broken-hearted. But undefeated and encouraged when I look out at you. And envision the work finished on account of you.

Young ground breakers who break limited skies as well. Proud claim-stakers to the wish and the well and the dream come true. Not just exceptions to the rule, but leaders of a new regime. Here's to you.

Young man who does more than curse the system with a mic in his hand, but gets down and becomes one with the land so when he reaps what he sows he can plan on his demands being met.
To you I say thanks.

Young lady who sees the shady and brings the sunshine in. Yes you who find the time to climb from behind your podium and outshine the pandemonium.
You are truly appreciated.

Remedy providers,
Untruth deniers,
Clear path finders,
Era definers,
Solution designers,
Integrity admirers,
Epiphany inspirers,
Reality re-writers.

I tip my hat to you in endless and heartfelt gratitude.


Chaina N. Dobbins

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